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Hi all I am a new nurse 4 mos off orientation working on a med/surge nuero floor 6 patient ratio. Its a brutal floor and yet.. I manage to survive albeit exhausted and oft times just disillusioned... Read More

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    Phoenix2541, I really applaud your attitude. You are accepting responsibility and self-assessing in a constructive, positive way. Whether you should or should not have been fired is a moot point since you were. But I so admire the candid post so others may avoid similar mistakes. Good Luck going forward and keep that positive, resilient attitude. Hopefully you will continue to visit AN and let us know of your achievements and insights in life and nursing.
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    I think this is a ridiculous reason to fire you! Honestly they are overreacting and this makes no sense if you ask me! Did the patient freak out when the housekeeper taped her bandage? Did she complain or what? Sounds like there was no support there so you are better off finding a different job. WIsh you luck for a even better job!
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    Quote from Phoenix2541
    Thanks for your responses guys. Sigh, I did not include this piece of information. The housekeeper was in an isolation room cleaning and when the patient asked if I could come in and apply more tape on her bandage, as I was gowning up, he said to me" you want me to do it". So this is where I made the fatal mistake, I said ok. I watched him and the issue is a) she has a pysch background, b.its a she and housekeeper is a he, c. did he even change his gloves. (I didn't see that part), Lastly, I did not critically think about the ramifications of this and this is a patient safety issue and he was non nursing staff. So I got canned. I am bummed of course, but I have learned from this and will not make that kind of mistake again.

    OK, this changes things. Definitely a learning experience. Sorry you were terminated.
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    Quote from Esme12
    Always remember HR is NEVER your friend.....2 previous incidences...they were gunning for you....take this and go forward.

    I am so sorry you are going through this.....but gt malpractice insurance people are crazy out there. It's worth the $200.00 a year.
    Yeah, exactly what I was thinking. HR is management and on the side of your employer. NEVER trust that they will look out for your best interests. It's a total conflict of interest to have HR represent someone in a case like this.

    Definitely look into getting your own insurance if you don't already have it. And USE it if a situation like this ever happens again.
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    I'm still wowed by Housekeeping putting tape on the pt. I can barely get them to clean a toilet! I haven't met one yet who would actually touch a pt.

    Sorry to hear you got fired for this. They spent a lot of $$ to train you and to let you go over that seems a bit over the top. I'm quite sure you will never okay that again whether or not you continued you employment there. Good luck to you.

    I too believe they were out to find a reason to get rid of you. HR representing you is comical.
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    I wonder why the housekeeper did not tell the appropriate person- who could have handled putting the tape on?
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    So sorry you didn't get a chance to keep your job. ((hugs)) However take it in stride, its a fact where one door shuts, many others open.
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    that really is a shame, however I agree with the others your job did you favor I lost a job once due t one patient's complaint and the urologist complained about it and they all were asking me why I didn't do it the way they showed me, I told them i was in the room every 30-40 mins or less emptying out the patient's foley, what else could I have done, I had five other patients needing my care and no CNA to help anyone with Adls, it was all me
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    You will find a better opportunity at least you learned from it and you will be a better nurse now
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    Quote from HappyWife77
    I wonder why the housekeeper did not tell the appropriate person- who could have handled putting the tape on?
    The housekeeper DID tell the appropriate person--the OP! OP watched as the housekeeper applied the tape to the thigh of the patient in isolation
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    Quote from Esme12
    Clearly this patient is a kook is the application of tape causes a worsening of their PTSD... but who knows.
    So, did you learn that term in your psych rotation? smh
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    Quote from Caribbean Character
    So, did you learn that term in your psych rotation? smh
    As a matter of fact I did.......

    CLEARLY my reference is in jest and NOT a part of a patient care plan initiative nor a part of a permanent record of this patient.

    This is a comment on an anonymous social media board that happens to have nurses as members. As a nurse of 35 years I think every now and then I can reference a patient as being a kook in response to a situation in which I think a nurse was wrongly terminated.

    If you find the term offensive...I apologize for I meant no personal disrespect.
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    Quote from IsisC
    lol at the idea of a pt claiming to have suffered ptsd over a house keeper putting a piece of tape on a bandage. What people will do to make a dollar these days.
    Perhaps the housekeeper is Race X and the patient was once attacked by someone who was Race X. It doesn't mean the nurse deserves be fired over a housekeeper applying tape to a bandage, but it might explain the PTSD part.

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