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Treatment of Shock Victims

  1. 0 Does anyone know the physiological mechanism behind why shock victims should not be given something to drink? Thanks in advance!
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    I'm going to process this:

    One of the issues that comes to me for shock is the potential shift or loss of blood flow to the GI system, increasing the risk of a paralytic illeus. They may feel thirst due to the shift or loss, but the risk of GI shut down would produce complications.

    I probably said too much if this is a homework question...
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    Think sympathetic response, blood shunting towards the central circulation, the three organs that MUST have blood before all others, that is the heart, lungs, and brain.

    What happens to bowel sounds during the sympathetic response?

    As above poster said, think ileus.
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    ^^^^^ this ^^^^^

    Also, if shock is subsequent to some sort of trauma, the pt may need surgery ASAP.

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