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Seizure Precautions

  1. 0 Our policy states that all patients with a HX of seizures will be placed on precautions. It seems a little silly that a known seizure patient, on meds, and seizure free should have padded side rails (I'm sure the majority don't at home). I was wondering if anyone has time frames in their policies. I think that a patient can't drive until the are on meds, and seizure free for 6 months....does this sound right? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
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    ...but at home they aren't sick and on some meds that would probably interact with the dilatin, tegretol...whatever. Everybody with a disorder goes on precautions at our hospital.
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    GOOD POINT...If they have been stable forever this is the time they will seize...their bodies/minds/souls are stressed.
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    In one LTC I was at, we were cited by the state for using side rails that were padded for siezure precautions. the reason why is if they have a seizure in a regular bed with the rails they could break an arm or leg if it went thru the rail or get even a worse injury, if in the seizure they managed to go over the top of the rail. The surveyors wanted us to use low to the floor beds with a mat on the floor next to the bed. The LTC I am now at ( in the same town) still uses padded side rails and has never been cited for doing so. They are however beginning to use more of the low beds with pads based on the cite that we recieved at the other facility.