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  1. 0 Someone has set up a site dedicated to just our voice and nothing else. Visit www.geocities.com/hotsprings/oasis/4313. They have set up boards not only for opinions, but for stories. ***** Please visit www.hospitalhub.com--thats were we are all going to voice our feelings.

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    I visited the site you suggested, and I see a good introduction and a request for nurse's stories.

    However, if you've had a chance to read a fair number of posts right here at wwnurse, you'd see that we are doing more than just writing legislators and nursing associations; a group of us have
    already combined our efforts, and are writing a column with the primary focus of finding a solution to understaffing. We are also planning to send a regular newsletter to legislators, written under the name of that column. This is just a brief description of what our group's plans are---there's a lot more in the works.
    If you'd like to join us, by contributing to the column, please e-mail Joe, RN or me.

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