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Nursing issues

  1. 0 Many small day care centers or the nursing homes for the seniors have nurses which do provide their services for the old aged as well for the diseased persons....
    My question is that is it appropriate for the nursing homes or the old aged centers or the assisted living centers to have men nurses...
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    at many facilities they do have male nurses but majority are should be appropriate..why not??
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    Why wouldn't it be appropriate?
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    Ofcourse...what is the issue?
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    Of course it is appropriate. Why wouldn't it be? There are male seniors as well as female seniors, but even if it were ladies only, men can still care for them. My obstetrician is a man, he's seen parts of me no one but my husband has (and considering he did a cesarean on me, he's seen parts even my husband hasn't!) and that's appropriate.