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Needle safety devices- mandatory???

  1. 0 Is there a regualtory body (ie, OSHA) that requires that all needles be equipped with a safety device? I know there was a recent thread where a student asked about avoiding recapping (can't find it). I know it will be a long time before all needles have safety devices (something like Lovenox comes to mind). But I am quite surprised what I've seen at the hospital where I am teaching clinicals. You need a needle to flush a heplocked IV and central line ports. And there are many pre-packaged needles (plain old needles) that do not have the safety attached to them. Is this the norm rather than the exception? At the other places where I work, they are pretty needle safe.
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    Needle safety devices are a requirement of OSHA...although I do not know to what extent. Try for more info. Your state OSH also has state-specific regulations. Check out thier web site too.