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Medication reconciliation software

  1. 0 Does anyone know of an iPad or iPhone app for medication reconciliation? Not the fancy smancy high dollar hospital based types but something simple just to create a list from a data base and print it out?
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    I don't know of any. But from what I'm gathering by your post, you would put in patients' home medications and then print them. If that is correct, I would be shocked if your facility allowed that.
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    You could just go into notes and create a list there. Easy to print from notes too!
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    Thanks for the replies. What I actually mean is a medication database such as Micromedex from which one could look up a medication, dose, frequency etc from the database without having to type all the info, then print it out for the patient record. BTW I work in a fast-paced ambulatory surgery center. Safety is first but speed is a close second. Thank you for your thoughts.
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    Medscape has an option called "care notes" try that?