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IV therapy documentation

  1. 0 What format do you use to document bags of IV solutions and minibags of medications? Is there a separate form or is this part of the medication record?

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    Our IV fluids and meds are included on our MAR. For laboring pts., we also document them in our Watchchild computer system.
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    We use preprinted Mar's that have all main IV bags and IVPB's on them.
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    We use a computer system. Everyone of our meds including IV fluids have a bar code (like at the supermarket) and we scan them. Its a cool system. We scan, the computer tells us if we have the 5 Rights, u know right drug, right patient, right time etc.
    It also does the I/O at the same time.Scan a IVPB that is 100 cc it also documents it on the I/O piece of the computer.