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  1. I am a LPN, who was told my pay is being cut from $14/hr to $11.60 because medicaide has reduced the funds being paid to the company I work for. Is it legal for my employer to cut my pay? I work for a nsg agency not for medicaide. Most agences are paying $15/hr for what I do. I am a Ped. private LPN. Many of my co-workers have said they will quit the job. I love my work and do not want to quit. I have been working for this same company for 3 1/2 years. I have been a LPN since 1984. BTynes
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  3. by   Oldtimer
    Hi Tynes,
    I don't work for an agency but have many friends who do. Yes, Medicaid/Medicare have a set amount that they reimburse for private nursing care. You need to check on what that amt. is for your area. Unless you have a contract, an employer may change your wage at will. The only requirement is Federal Minimum Wage.
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