Yes I Got my first interview 15 days post NCLEX PASSING !

  1. 0 I was beginning to get depressed after passing my NCLEX and 50 Applications in....I have my first interview? Now i need to know what to expect?Any advice on what not to say?
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    Congratulations !!! Best advice is to be your self , take your time answering the questions . Know as much as possible about their facility and organization and why you want to work there . Google possible questions they might ask you like how do you resolve conflict ? Give me an example ? Etc. I just passed my NCLEX last week and got a job offer where I precepted and my dream job interview friday in the facility where I currently work as a NA. Good luck !!!!
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    That's good news! Just want to say congratulations and good luck!
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    congrats! I received your pm ,but was unable to reply due to the 15 post rule. I'll pass along any info I receive.By the way, where are you interviewing?

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