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    I have a second interview this week for my "dream job" and I know I need to bring my resume, letters of recommendation, and copies of my licenses for all the interviewers on the panel (new grad position). My question is, how do I attach the papers for each interviewer? Paper clip, staple, loose? I know this is probably a silly question but I'm very new to this.

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    I'm new to this as well so hopefully someone else will answer who actually knows without a doubt but just my opinion I would go with a paper clip. Since a staple will leave holes and leaving them loose will give them a chance to misplace an item.

    Good luck with the interview.
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    I would put them in a file folder. That way they are protected and secure.
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    I was also thinking of a paper clip.

    Mama Cashew, when you say a file folder, do you mean you would give each interviewer a folder? I plan on having all the copies in a folder then handing them out individually, each packet with a paper clip. This is my first real interview so I'm really not sure of the protocol

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