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Nursing interview

  1. 0 Im a Registered Nurse, i applied in kindred hospital in chicago, I was interviewed by one of the nurse manager. After the interview she toured me around the hospital and i really thought thats it i got the job but later on she said that they will call me for my panel interview but until now its been 3days i haven't heard from them

    Does somebody has the same experience?
    Does it take days before they will call me back?
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    I had a simular experience at the Kindred hospital in Nashville. I also got a tour of the facility. I never got a call back even though I was told I "would be contacted next week for a panel interview." I even sent a thank you note after the interview, but got nothing. Have you heard anything yet?
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    Kindred has the protocol of giving all interviewees a tour. I was also duped once but spoke to an old kindred manager who told me not to hold my breath about the tour being A good sign