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  1. 0 Hey everyone. i recently had a great interview with for a position i really want. I got a call from the nurse recruiter saying that she and the nurse manager really enjoyed meeting with me. She also stated that the manager wanted me to meet the staff. What can i expect? What is the best way to prepare for this? Would this be like a 2nd interview?
    I toured the unit and was introduced to some staff members when i initially interviewed.
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    This interview is designed to evaluate how well you will interact with.. AND evaluated by the staff.

    You should be smiling.. smiling and smiling. Answer any all questions positively!
    If a staff member asks you a question.. your answer will reflect WHAT YOU WILL BRING TO THE UNIT!

    You must defer to the current staff, ( short of a curtsey) will suffice.
    Be prepared for the almighty question.. "why do you want do work with us?"

    Good luck, keep us posted.
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    Thank you!
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    they finally set up something for later this week.... its with a MD and some staff members....I will let you know how it goes.
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    Good luck!!!
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    Ok i had my 2nd interview (6/28) and it went really well. The NM said i would hear back next week. So 2 weeks go by and i dont hear anything. I followed up with a professional email to the HR rep i have been working/communicating with. SHe told me their process is taking longer than expected and she would call me by this coming thurs. Any ideas what this means?
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    UPDATE: After waiting and going through LONG the interview process for this job. I did not get it. I was sad depressed, etc. HOWEVER, i put in an application at another hospital and forgot all about it because i did not get a call back and it had been several months. SO out of the blue they called me for an interview and i had a shadow experience. 2 weeks later they offered me the job and i was thrilled to find out that it offered way more money than the one i did not get.

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