M/S nurse for past 8 yrs !!

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    i have been a full time nurse for 8 yrs in Med/Surg setting , completed BSN in August 2013, I am starting to look for leadership positions , Is it appropriate to look for leadership postioin after becoming RN-BSN ?
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  3. by   HouTx
    Congratulations on your BSN! It should open more career doors for you.

    Of course, you should go ahead and start looking & apply whenever you meet the (new) job qualifications. But in the meantime, I encourage your to take advantage of any 'leadership' opportunities in your current job. Volunteer to serve on task forces, committees & special projects. These will provide you with experience in leading teams. These 'added' responsibilities will show a potential employer that you have leadership ability and experience even if you haven't actually held a management job yet.

    Wishing you major job MOJO!!! Go get 'em!