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Low salary?

  1. 0 I'm a new grad. I was wondering if $25 is low for a plastic surgeon's clinic? I hear they get paid $45-$50/hour.
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    If you are a new graduate that is a fairly standard starting wage. Depending on where you live.
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    Also keep in mind that as a new grad, you are (usually) on the low end of the salary food chain. $45-50/hour sounds like the salary for an experienced nurse.
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    How are the benefits?
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    Look it up at www.salary.com. I found them to be accurate for my area.
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    That's actually not bad.

    My sisters-in-law are NPs working for a very popular derm clinic in SoCal. The company pays RNs $21/hr. They are trained to do botox and juvederm and nothing else. They are trained to do only that. Any advance procedures are done by the NP.