Interview Assignment Help! What does HCAP mean?

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    Hello All!

    I'm having an interview this coming Monday, and the manager was nice enough to assign me a topic in advance and told me to do some research on HCAP. What it is? and how it has an impact on patient satisfaction?. I did some research on it as well, but just doesn't seem to get the right information. I'm a new graduate, and I have no idea what this stands for and its use in hospital settings. If any of you know about this system, please kindly post your comments, and it would be great if you can tell me some of your own past experience on what you did to improve patient satisfaction on your unit.

    Much help needed!

    Any tips on how to perform well during an interview would be greatly appreciated too!

    Thank you in advance!

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    I think you should apply your ability and use google...
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    thank you so much! I wasn't too sure what exactly I was looking for. This link is very useful =]
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    Horribly Contrived And Pointless
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    just had a night meeting on this. Mainly it's "customer" focused care and their satisfaction in determining how their insurance will pay for their visit. Complete and total BS since then ALL patients complaints, if not satisfied, will have to go through a review based on each and every circumstance. For us in the ER, that is a LOT of unsatisfied people, many who are peeved because of the system, which is not a basis for a dissatisfactory review of care.
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    Quote from lululucy
    ..the manager was nice enough to assign me a topic in advance and told me to do some research on HCAP.
    Yikes, glad I've never had an assignment pre-interview.
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    How did the interview go? What type of questions did they ask about HCAP?
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    Could she may be have meant healtcare associated pneumonia?? For a new grad thats more reasonable than the alternative..
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