1. I am an RN currently working in L&D and have interviewed with an elementary school in hopes to land the job. I have 5 years experience as an RN L&D and 16 years as LVN, hospital and home health. I went through one interview and felt very confident I had the job. Just before the decision making another RN with pedi experience came in for an interview. I am still in the running but may possibly have to go through a second interview. Any suggestions on what to expect as far a questions? Any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated. I really would like to get this job. Having 2 children myself, it is ideal for me and my family.
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  3. by   classicdame
    If you have another interview I recommend you stress anything you have done regarding teaching. For instance, nurses teach patients & families. Have you prepared posters, been a CPR instructor or done any other sort of teaching to co-workers? School nurses generally have to teach diabetic care, infection control and other topics to staff members. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the suggestions, no call yet for 2nd interview.