HR called to get the ok for background check

  1. I had an interview today and I felt that it went well. She told me I would hear within a week or so. Well a few hours later HR called and asked me to fill out a form authorizing them to perform a background and reference check. Does this mean I can expect a job offer or is this standard to do for all people they interview? Any input is appreciated
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    It's standard in most places, with the job offer to follow after they are satisfied with what they find in your background check. So it sounds like your chances of getting an offer from them are really good..but remember: until they make an official offer, you don't have the job.

    Good luck!
  4. by   brittykbritt
    I got the job!!!!
  5. by   CherylRNBSN
    Congratulations! I just received a job offer myself today! Sooo happy to be thru interviewing.
    What kind of nursing will you be doing?
  6. by   brittykbritt
    LDRP!! It's been my dream my whole life