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how long was your interview?

  1. 0 In the past i've been in interviews lasting an average of 20-30 min... even in consecutive, going-on-to-the-next-round gigs....

    but lately ive gotten super quick like get-through-them-all interviews with 2-3 questions for 2-10 minutes!... and im on the 5th interview with a company

    how could you possibly analyze a person that quickly?... wouldn't an employer want to be more through?

    just my 2 cents
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    I think you decide how long the interview is. Nursing is stepping away from straight forward questions to behavioral and "who are you" kind of questions. Next time keep talking! It's your own chance to sell yourself so don't stop talking unless you have no idea what to say anymore or you run out of things to say! Try to tie in one story to another story and keep it rolling.

    Best of luck!