Have you ever experienced a web interview??

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    Ok so I'm applying for jobs and one of the hospitals invited me for a WEB interview?? Does anyone heard of such thing>>
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    Never had a "web interview" but maybe it's like one of those online psych/personality assessments I see a lot of facilities doing these days as part of their application/hiring process? Just a guess?

    In any case, good luck!
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    Is it a Skype interview? My daughter just had one of those. If that's the case, you will need the necessary camera installed on your computer.
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    that would be kind of awkward... if it was skype which is what i was thinking. just because it freezes a lot and then speeds up... kind of unreliable. lol but yeah you'd need a webcam and dl skype which is free.
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    My daughter actually said it was a much more comfortable interview setting than in person (at least for her).
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    skype interviews are fun!

    not to mention you can have a "cheat sheet" just in case they ask you things you cant recall off the top of your head