Gallop nursing insight assessment online

  1. I have to take this assessment before my application and resume will go to the nursing recruiter. I have never heard of it till now. But I have read that if you don't score high enough your application goes no where. The hospital only allows you to take it once a year. If anyone has any info on this I would appreciate Amy help with question. I'm not real good at timed questions based on prior work history.
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  3. by   piggypop
    The beauty of Google! I certainly have never heard of this, but here's a link to a thread discussing it: Gallup Nurse Insight Assessment?

    Based on what I'm reading, you may want to gather an inventory lists of your personality with specific examples before you take the test. It'll help you readily yank examples from your brain to mark down, just as you would before going into an interview. Try to take negative things and spin them into a positive light. (For example, I get so worried about being right that I'm unsure of myself--I spin this into being so detail-oriented that I want to make sure everything's absolutely correct.) Etc. etc. Best of luck--admittedly this sounds painful. :<