clinical scenarios???

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    do u guys have links or advice where i could find clinical scenarios and behavioral questions and answers? books? case study books with answers? thank you in advance

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    What are you asking for exactly? In my interview I was asked about how I've handled several clinical scenarios. I would never, ever borrow a story from someone else to answer this. If they ask for further details when I go in for a personal interview, I can give them because I lived the situation. If I was telling them a story that I heard from someone else, I wouldn't be able to answer questions about more detail.

    Plus, do you want to start your future employers' impression of you by lying? If they are asking you what YOU did in a certain situation, and you tell them what "a nurse would do" or what "someone else did", it's lying and they will see through it.

    I was asked for examples of when I put a patient first, when I have gone above and beyond for someone, things like that. These are stories that you can't make up on the fly. You can either recall them because you lived the experience, or you can't.

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