Behavioral Interview Questions

  1. I am a new graduate nurse currently in the process of seeking my first job as an RN. I had two interviews last week for an ICU position. The first with the unit manager went well and consisted largely of general questions (i.e. Why did you choose nursing?, What do you consider your greatest strength/weakness?, What is your ideal work environment?, etc). The second was a peer interview and I fell flat on my face. The questions were much more behavioral (Tell me a time when you had a miscommunication and how you handled it, tell me a time when you messed up and how you handled it, etc).

    Does anyone out there have some advice in approaching answers to these behavioral questions? Is it okay to say you haven't had an experience like that which they are asking for? Any example behavioral interview questions you've had personally or heard about that you can provide?

    It stings when you miss out on a job and you know it's because you gave a TERRIBLE interview. I have another interview lined up, and I am really hoping to get on the ball and improve! Thanks in advance!
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