Band 7 job interview - neonatal unit

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    I really need help! I have an interview on monday for a permanent band 7 post in nnu, i currently have the role as acting sister.

    What questions will I be asked?? - I know I will have to give a presentation, but havnt yet been given the subject

    thank you!
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    Could you elaborate? I'm not sure what a "band 7" is. It sounds like you have a job interview in which you have to act out a role and do a presentation?? Sounds like a lot to do for a job, maybe I'm missing something.
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    Band 7 = Sister's post. I am currently in the role 'acting' - meaning I am on trial for the job, which I have been for 6months. The unit now is able to offer the permanent position, which I have to interview for
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    I think this is UK terminology. OP, you should also try to post in the NICU forum, they might have specific insight into interviewing for this kind of unit.
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    have just re-posted the question in another forum, thanx!

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