1. RNinformatics, I believe you have worked in telehealth for a period of time. What are the pros and cons and how does this area incorporate or relate to nursing informatics?
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  3. by   rninformatics
    Yes Mijourney,
    I worked as a telephone triage nurse for the telehealth division of a managed care organization in the 90s
    Telehealth can be defined as remote care using telecommunications technologies - phones, video, Skype, etc
    See the link for definitions for telenursing to see the relationships between it and nursing informatics.
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  4. by   rose_njarvis
    From what I understand, the pros are that patients can be seen remotely by providers who know their patients well. We've seen the commercial of surgeries being performed in a third world country by a doctor in the states. Cons are limited connectivity, limited study (you could not smell the patients as part of an assesment).