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    I am a nurse practitioner who was very involved in the implementation of our EMR system in the office, and a superuser for the hospital system. I really, really enjoyed working with the consultants, the upper management and administrators testing the software, making recommendations, and training other providers. Does anyone have any advice on how to find a position in healthcare IT/informatics with only a clinical background?

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    Informatics needs more nurses like you! At my last employer I worked with a fantastic APN who was in her first informatics role. Your office experience and relationship with providers gives you a unique background compared to many nurses in informatics who come from an acute care background.
    Because of Meaningful Use and GPRO, there are a lot of opportunities, depending on where you live. In my market (Chicago), your clinical background and super user experience would prepare you for a role implementing the same product at another clinic or health network...Career Builder, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor would be my starting search for informatics positions in your area- I'd search the major health systems in your area first to see how competition shapes the job description and requirements.
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