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Looking for MSN (informatics) online program

  1. 0 Hi there. Looking for advice on choosing an online MSN (Health Administration with specialty in Informatics) program. I live in Texas and looking for an accredited program. I know of Univ of Phoenix, Walden, UT of Arlington. Please let me know of your experience of these or other schools. Also, my GPA was only a 2.88 upon graduation for my BSN. So, I know that is also a factor. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!
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    University of Maryland, Baltimore offers an online MS in Nursing Informatics program:

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    Northern Kentucky University has a newly established MS in Nursing Informatics program starting in the Fall of 2011. They also have an established MS in Health Informatics program. Price is reasonable at only $463/credit hour for online students. Both programs can be done online. Good Luck!
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    I just graduated from American Sentinel, 100% online:

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    Johns Hopkins has a good program: http://nursing.jhu.edu/academics/pro...ics/index.html

    They also have funding for scholarships.