Free Webinar: Technical Device considerations for EMAR, BCMA implementation

  1. A "lite" version of this session was presented at HIMSS 2011. The only session rated "Excellent" by HISTALK, this interactive Web session will detail technical considerations for the best possible performance in your EMAR/BCMA environment.
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  3. by   asha2003
    I always read your post. I understand you are quite knowledgeable person and congrats in passing the exam. I would like to ask you about the CAHIM exam. It was found in Himss site. I am currently doing my Masters in Nursing with health informatics. I will graduating in September. I have not had any luck to get a job yet. My hospital is currently in the process of writing a contract with EPIC. What advice can you give me to get into a good position when they implement. I know I will be a super user in my area but other than that what should I offer so that there will be a chance for me to land in a job. Please email me at Thank you so much