Any LPN's in informatics? Any LPN's in informatics? | allnurses

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Any LPN's in informatics?

  1. 0 I just accepted a job in the medical informatics dept where I work. Just wondering what kind of experience I can expect. The job is at a state university if that makes a difference.
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    When you accepted the job, didn't you ask what you were going to be responsible for?

    Sometimes your role is generic and you do a bit of everything, and sometimes your role is very specific, so what you will be doing really depends on what role you filled.

    Your question is like asking, "I just accepted a nursing job in a medical hospital. What can I expect? And the job is in a state hospital, if that makes a difference."
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    I am an LVN and I am in informatics. My title is clinical business analyst. My company just bought a commercial EMR And my team which also consist of 2 other LVN's, one of which is my director, build clinical information in the EMR. We collaborate with the IT department to integrate various reporting applications with the EMR. My experience is the build and configuration of the EMR. Its a great field to be in. What are you doing now?
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    I was an LVN/LPN (licensed in states that used these terms), and I'm a Certified Epic Ambulatory and ASAP analyst. I was hired by a company, to do clinical build, and training of all new personnel. This included all nurses, MAs, MD, PA, NP etc. The company was quickly bought out by a lg Healthcare system, and I was allowed to become Certified in the above Epic modules. Five yrs ago I went into consulting, and haven't looked back. My clinical background is a huge factor in my being selected for projects, implementing the Epic EMR. I was a traveler for 12 yrs as an LVN/LPN, and I "thought" I was making great money, but I have been totally blown away by the level of pay and benefits I now receive! Changing careers from nursing to Informatics was the best move I have made! I highly reccomend it for anyone with a clinical background, and an technical mind.
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    How did you get into consulting?
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    First, once I became certified, I posted my resume online, and the consulting firms blew up my email. One word of caution, IF your facility is implementing Epic, you need to find out how long you need to wait after the implementation is over, before you can leave. Every facility has a different agreement with Epic, but for most the time would be at about 6 months. Otherwise, any firm that is an Epic partner will not be able to hire you. There are firms that are not Epic partners, but I would wait the six months.
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    Brownie50 : where did you get your informatics certificate as an LPN. I've only seen programs after BSN is obtained. I'm working on ADN now.
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    ​I've been consulting for 5 years, starting as end user support, and then moving to trainer for Epic. Best career change I've ever made.
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    I would like to know how to get into the field. I am pursuing a computer science/networking and technologies associate degree. I plan on getting some programming and microsoft certifications. But if I can use my 15 years nursing experience and my computer science knowledge I feel I would enjoy it. I am sick of the politics in nursing and when I was recently trained to use an EMR at work, it further peaked this interest. From research over the net, I have found it to require a master's degree. How did you get the position and what background in IT do you have?
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    Quote from EMR*LPN
    ​I've been consulting for 5 years, starting as end user support, and then moving to trainer for Epic. Best career change I've ever made.

    How did you get hired by EPIC? I have gone through extremes to find out where I can get trained locally and the only place I see is in wisconsin. I am very interested in this area as I was already pursuing a Associates in computer/networking.
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    I need to know how to do this. What position did you apply for? I am worried that Epic only trains in Wisconsin and I live in Texas.
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    I wasn't hired by Epic. It just so happened that my first consulting project was for an Epic implementation and I just stayed with that vendor. In order to get certified, you must be hired in a facility that is using Epic or will be implementation it. If your facility wants to get you certified, then they set up all the arrangements at the Epic campus is Wisconsin. It is not an easy process.
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    Quote from shellywell
    I need to know how to do this. What position did you apply for? I am worried that Epic only trains in Wisconsin and I live in Texas.
    Epic does only train in Wisconsin. If the facility you are at wants you to get certified, they will send you there at their expense.