About to leave nurse practitioner school and want to be in Informatics

  1. I have decided that FNP is not for me, and rather then stay in I am leaving(not because of grades I have all A's) the program. I know that I will not be happy and hate my life as a FNP. So with that being said I want to find my true passion which is technology. I have done computer repairs since I graduated high school. It only makes since to me to join my two passions together my BSN and nursing.
    I will be moving to Atlanta to look for my job. Now my question is I only have one year of acute care experience, is it possible for me to get into informatics? Or will I need to get more clinical experience? Any tips or pointers? I really do not want to do bedside nursing and feel that informatics is the way to go for me. Let me know what everyone thinks!