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I hope this thread will help Nurses that is seeking for information regarding different trainings in hospital.... so what are you waiting for Start blogging now my fellow nurses.... any Info... Read More

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    Just want to express my deepest gratitude to the following people for undying support of this thread......
    simply jane


    Please keep this thread alive and updated
    will post more information tomorrow

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    @sugarplum18RN-mind to ask what are the requirements to be pass at Fe del mundo?are they still acepting applications?i might pass mine if they are still accepting.thanks.thanks
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    Quote from Nurse_ian
    here are the latest news for different hospital

    RMC-- already started the project RMC because the lady who is incharge said to me that they have already trainees.. whheeeew i havent receive any text from them or call and i apply earlier...

    Manila doctors-- They are not persuing their training this month for they are busy for accreditation thia is according to their NSO\

    QMMC -- they are still accepting applicants for their NTP program.......

    MAMC-- has already started their critical care training

    East avenue --- freeze hiring

    PCMC---- manpooling

    NCMH----- freeze hiring ( tapos na ang submission ng requirements last july)

    i will add more tomorrow my fellow nurses i will just visit first the other hospitals
    may i know if you finished the ntp at rmc will you be hired as a staff nurse there or not?thanx!
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    Quote from sugarplum18RN
    Thanks for starting this thread Nurse_Ian. Please allow me to add more info here. I hope I could be of help to other fellow nurses, who are experiencing the same sad situation as I do.

    1. Fe Del Mundo Medical Center
    Passed my resume last Wednesday to the security guard. Turns out he gave it to the HR or Fe Del Mundo Nursing Service Office - Professional Nursing Training Program. I received a message Sunday morning about the sked of my exam the followng day at 7-9AM. No fees to be paid. Wear clinical uniform. However, I missed it. Why? Check entry #2 (I tried to wriggle my way to get a reschedule but my "textmate" from their office said I only have til 1PM today for the exam.)

    2. Philippine Heart Center
    Had my exam today. Same day as that of FDMC. For me, the exam was really difficult. In the afternoon, there was an interview. Php100 for the exam, Php6000 for the 65th Critical Care Course, the last of its kind. (Not sure if that's for this year only) Out of 100+ RNs, they will only get 40 RNs. I hope I had impressed my interviewer but let me tell you, she's one of those "traditional" nurses who are grumpy and grouchy (do these 2 words mean the same thing?)

    3. Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital
    I got called on a Tuesday morning informing me that I will have a qualifying exam on Sept. 14, tomorrow/today, whenever this post gets reviewed and "posted" Payment of Php100 for the exam.

    That's all I know so far. Like Nurse_Ian, I will try to keep everyone updated. God bless!
    hey sugarplum18rn, may i know when did you pass your requirements?how long did you wait before you got a call and had an exam with the above hospitals?pls reply..thanx!
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    Updated: as of september 20 2010

    NCMH --- Freeze Hiring

    Fe del MUndo Hospital ---- already selected their trainees and submittion of resume will be on december for next year batch


    More updates to come
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    Is that exam for a staff nurse position?!

    I've always wanted to work at Fabella but I didn't pursue it because I live far away. And when my want increased, I heard last last year that they are no longer hiring and then last year that they have a training fee!

    That and I'm stuck with fear of ending jobless if I quit my job for something unsure....

    *deep breaths*
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    Is Taguig Hospital a tertiary or secondary ?
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    i went to metropolitan medical center awhile ago and the hr there just got my credentials. the hr is located at the 4th floor,same room as the marine is the room in front of the elevator. i also went awhile at infant jesus but told me that they are not accepting applications for today since they were celebrating something.well, that really sucks because i came from las pinas and i wasted my effort for the guard told me to just come back tom,tuesday. then i went to chinese general hospital since i thought there was an opening there. the hr asked me if i was a graduate of their school and i said no. so she told me she wouldnt be needing my credentials since im not a grad of their school. not wanting my efforts to be wasted i asked if i could just leave my papers even just for manpooling but still she said there is my day's account on my job hunting.any other hospitals that you think are hiring?please still post.thanx fellow nurses.
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    Hi!! try applying in capitol medical center..theuy just have this cut off board rate of 78 and above..
    just bring all your supporting documents just in case..
    i passed my resume last week of august..the hr told me to wait for their still waiting..
    goodluck to all of us..
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    try capitol medical center..

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