Hospitals in Manila that accept nurses with scars on CXR

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    Hi fellow nurses! I am a registered nurse in the Philippines. I've been working in a government hospital. My Rnheals contract just ended last December and it is nonrenewable. I really have the passion for nursing and I am very dedicated. I am planning to apply on big hospitals like St. Luke's Medical Center. I am willing to undergo the paid training and somehow I am confident with my skills because I had hospital experience in a tertiary government hospital. But something is bothering and keeps me to step backward. How if they find a scar on my CXR? would I be considered not fit to work even though i would submit myself to sputum afb and will have negative result. that scar on my cxr was seen way back 2008 and negative sputum afb and i have annual cxr as the doctor advised me. and the cxr shows still shows scar and no changes. I want to penetrate the PGNT of St lukes and hopefully be staff nurse there someday but is there a hope for me who have a scar on cxr. i am batch 2010 anyway. thank you very much for your responses.

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    please leave any comment. i would appreciate it. thank you.

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