Help: Initial registration PRC ILOILO via Special Power of Attorney

  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    I left the Philippines weeks after I took the December 2012 NLE and passed. I'm aware of the PRC Resolution No. 2006-313 Series of 2006 "addendum to Item No. 1, Paragraph 3 of Resolution No. 2004-235 by providing for their registration under exceptional circumstances through their duly authorized representatives"

    I will be taking my oath next week with the Chicago Consul General but I'm stuck with questions since PRC Iloilo is known to be quite a pain in the glutes.

    My friend said they require 6 pcs 2x2 pictures with nametag with PRC logo. Does the photo really need to be taken by their photographer? Don't you think it's ridiculous if I had to go back just to have my photo taken by them? Or can I produce my own photo and just put my name there by myself.

    Anybody here had any luck on registering with a Special Power of Attorney in PRC Iloilo?
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