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Hi everyone! :wavey: Just want to ask if there's anyone out there who has an idea if Medical City is currently accepting applicants? Or if their schedule for trainings is ongoing? I wanted to follow... Read More

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    i went there last week (March 19).
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    Hello. What are the requirements to apply to Medical City? I just passed the November 2009 board so I have yet to obtain my PRC license nor board certificate.
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    hi, does TMC still on hiring?
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    do you think having experience abroad has an edge over the others.plan to resign KSA and apply at medical city also..hehe want good experience,
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    Hello! I am truly inspired by all your postings here. Job application is pretty much by the numbers and some people really have to go through a lot of NO's before you finally get a YES. Just keep on at it! As a matter of fact most of my foreign friends in their respective countries had to apply from 20 to 50 to even 100 times before they got a job. To think that if they gave up on the first try, they wouldn't have gotten the job they wanted. Hopefully, I will be able to get in The Medical City. It's really where I'd like to work. My bestfriend got into St. Luke's and I think that it would be quite interesting if I got into TMC. What a healthy competition that would be!

    Has anyone heard if they're still open for applicants?
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    I just went there yesterday and they are still accepting applicants.You only need to go to the HR then write your name,contact number,board rating and expiration date of your license.
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    strawlishe: my PRC license is not yet available coz I'm a fresh board passer. Does that mean I can't apply yet?
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    @recentpasser: did you register already at PRC? If you have your claim stub with you, the number in there would be your license number and expiration is just your birthdate and add +3 to the year.
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    if you have a PRC lic number and borad rating already, i think you can. those are what they are asking to write doen besides the name, number, school graduated and when you registered
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    recentpasser I guess you should wait for your license because you nee to write you're license number when you would apply
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    Thanks so much guys, you're the best! I agree with puppy_eyes88, the posts here are really inspiring

    tron22: Thanks, I didn't know that the number there was already my license number
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    I wonder what criteria the HR has for calling applicants. Does physical looks matter?
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    recentpasser with regards to your question well i don't know if someone else can apply for you but i suggest that you do it yourself if you can just to be sure