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I was just wondering if any one has received a response from SLMC GC about the schedule of PGNT1 for batch 2? I already have submitted my requirements and I have paid the initial training fee just... Read More

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    did they start interviewing applicants for SLMC GC PGNT batch 7? I hope that I can still make it through before it ends.
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    I was informed of my schedule for interview&exam, unfortunately, i can't attend. They didn't told me what batch I belong. I don't know tho...when will they gonna inform you to which batch you belong?
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    @kiera is it the Training itself or just the hiring of the attendees?
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    Hello guys,
    What if you failed on your first attempt to apply for PGNT ? Can you still reapply for the position?
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    no i never tried sending my applications i just have friends who've undergone st lukes training. nset is it? if i were you just try it...
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    batch 7 will start april 15
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    according to what i heard from the hr staff, you could still reapply after 6 months.
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    Hi guys! I need a bit of advice. What are the chances of being absorbed once you undergo PGNT? I am trying to choose between SLMC-GC and Medical City to train in. In Medical City, once you pass the training, you will be guaranteed absorption, is that the case in St. luke's as well? they just texted me for interview last night and was accepted today. My Medical City training doesn't have a set schedule yet but PGNT Batch 7 will start on April 15 already! So I really need more information on PGNT's absorption rate. Thanks in advance!
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    are they still accepting applicants right now., i am planning to submit my resume on monday.. pwede pa bang humabol??
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    NO. It's not a guarantee that you will be hired. After the 3 months training for PGNT (which you are required to pay 10k pesos) you will be on 6 months probationary period but also not a guarantee for you to be hired.
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    ATTITUDE then skills and knowledge... I think this is how they evaluate the trainees.
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    The training itself
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    @ periscalsis The training itself