Phil. Nursing new curriculum?

  1. Hello everyone...

    I am currently in LPN program at a local community college here in the US. I was thinking if I'm going to finish BSN , it is probably quicker to do it in the Philippines. So, a friend went to Liceo University in Cagayan de Oro city with all my college transcript ( US and XU-CDO). She was told that nursing curriculum was change and even with the previous courses taken it would still take me 4 years to finish. I was just disgusted! A&P , Chemistry and Microbiology are 5 credit hours and I would have to repeat all of those because the US classes i took was just 4 credit hours. Is this correct? I tried to contact the school via e-mail but there is no e-mail address listed.
    Can someone please help me understand ? Can someone also provide me an e-mail address to the Dean of Nursing?

    Thank you...
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