Midwifery as a foreigner in Manila - many questions

  1. 0 Hi Guys,

    my fiance wants to become a midwife. She is german and has NO former education, she "only" completed 12 years of school.

    We are currently here in Manila, i have a work visa, she so far only tourist visa (we plan to get married end of the year)..

    Now the questions:

    - does she qualify for a midwife course/education here in manila?
    (i believe so, but i am not sure. i guess she would have to take some tests at a school (TOEFL, MNAT) then she gets a confirmation from the school, then student visa and then start.. is this correct?)

    - this midwife course would be 2 years or 4?

    - often i have seen the term DIPLOMA, which for me does not sound like a proper education.. is the DIPLOMA sufficient to be acknowledged as official MIDWIFE (and get a job as a MIDWIFE, here in the PH but also internationally??)

    - If she has sucessfully absolved the 2 years and is a midwife, can she extend her education from there further?

    - which schools can you recommend for midwifery in manila area.

    i hope some of you might have some valuable infos..

    thanks in avance
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