Hospitals hiring for Nurse Trainees?

  1. Hello! I am a newly Registered Nurse. I just passed the December 2011 NLE.
    I do not have my license with me yet, But I have with me my board rating certificate.
    It is really so frustrating waiting for my license, I am just wondering if I could apply as a Nurse Trainee in a hospital without my license? And what hospitals (metro manila) are hiring nurse trainees? thanks!
    Replies are highly appreciated!
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  3. by   i_am_ishi
    hi debitee! im also a newly board passer same as you.. yes you can apply for training without your license.
    just show them your claim stub from PRC.
    hope i answered your Q's
  4. by   debitee
    Thank you so much. So, are you applying to hospitals as for the moment? If yes, what hospitals? Thanks again.

Hospitals hiring for Nurse Trainees?