Enlighten me oh wise ones!!

  1. Im quite in a dilemma right now, ive been working for a certain hospital for almost ALMOST 2 years now , but im planning to transfer to a closer hospital that will open soon, my coworkers opted me not to. They suggested i should just stay because most agencies prefer a continous work experience on a single hospital. The thing is the hospital i work for currently owns the hospital im planning to apply to. Is it ok if I move, without me having any discrepancies later when i decide to go abroad? tyvm and godbless
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  3. by   rogue_maverick
    It doesn't matter if you transfer. As long as you don't have a gap of more than 6 months. It's not true that employers abroad prefer a continuous experience in only one hospital. As long as you meet their required working experience without a very long gap in between if you transferred workplaces because they will look at your most recent experience naturally.