1. just a reminder to everyone that the terms of service of the site and you all agree to this when you join the site requests that posts are only posted in english. posts in tagalog or a mixture of english and tagalog will be deleted

    english language only

    while this bulletin board hosts visitors from around the world, it is based in the united states and much of our membership is english speaking. due to our inability to moderate threads in other languages, we ask that interactions be in english for the enjoyment of as many posters as possible.

    please do not type entirely in capitals as considered shouting on the internet! desiring to maintain professionalism, text speak (also known as chatspeak, txtspk, texting language or txt talk) is discouraged. along with using proper english spelling and punctuation, this shows respect for the owner, other bulletin board members & guests and makes it easier to read your important thoughts.

    terms of service
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