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Hi everyone! :wavey: I'm planning to apply in SLMC-e.rod, though I heard that they will start the hiring process this coming September.. Do you have any idea on how many exams and interviews you will... Read More

  1. by   divineevil06
    Quote from *EosinophiL*
    Hi burbeestar and invisible! Do you guys have any idea if they only accept applicants with board rating of 80% and above? Coz ive already submitted my application last September, and i still dont have any updates yet.. Im thinking maybe because i have lower board rating that's why they didnt consider my application.. What do you think? Please enlighten my mind.. Thanks!

    This is whats posted on the pigeonhole:

    -prc ID
    -board rating of at least 80
    -gwa of 2.0 or its equivalent
    -class ranking
    - 2 2x2 pix
    -nbi clearance
    -birth certificate

    -- place all of these in a clear long envelope and drop it inside the pigeon hole found at the 5th floor Annex II SLMC-QC
  2. by   *EosinophiL*
    Thanks divineevil06 for informing me.. I do still have high hopes that maybe one day they'll bump into my application and consider it..
  3. by   piquant
    are they really strict about the grade? i went there this morning and dropped my application at the pigeonbox eventhough my GWA is only 2.07. My board rating is ok though. I hope they would consider it.
  4. by   Neversmile
    When will be the last submission of requirements in the pigeonbox? Are those requirements
  5. by   burbeestar
    I was asked to report yesterday for a training orientation and briefing for medical exam. So far, Batch 3 has 36 trainees. All our medical requirements must be completed by the 23rd of November, there's no definite date yet when the NSET Batch 3 will start.

    @official02: No training fees will be asked from the successful applicants. Actually, a training allowance will be given for the course of 3 months (75-85 days of NSET), around 75% of the salary of a probationary staff. However, this will not be given to us outright, on our 1st year as a staff the 1st half of the total training allowance will be given and the next half upon the completion of the 2 year contract.

    @invisible: Thanks invisible! True indeed, I felt relieved after passing the intense screenings. There's no assurance yet even when you reach the training part, but you're one step closer to finally securing a job as a staff at SLMC.
    When I had my final interview, 7 of us came and 5 successfully passed this phase. In the skills validation, 4 out of 12 made it. In the initial exam, out of 30+, around 12-15 made it. The mortality rate varies, but one thing's for sure, if you make it to the very end, you definitely deserve that slot! :spin:

    @*Eosinophil*: I'm not sure that they have a particular grade requirement right now. When I passed mine, that was late July, there was no particular rating/ranking/grade that they are requiring before they accepted my application. The screening selection prior to scheduling of initial examination remains unknown. From what I have observed, they encode their data in a computer before contacting applicants. These includes name of applicant, school, board rating, general weighted average, license number, contact nos., etc. It is plausible that they may base their selection on ratings/grade, however, I don't think they would solely rely on that criteria. I know a couple of successful applicants who had below 80, ratings but it did not affect their application. Try to follow up, I went to the DCA to personally follow-up my application, and right then, I was asked to come the following day for the screening. Good luck on your application dear!

    I'm happy to share my experiences with all of you! Good luck!
  6. by   invisible
    Thanks again, Burbeestar! I'm still waiting for that Final Interview schedule, but thanks for everything that you have shared! =)
  7. by   arglen_rn
    I dropped my application at the pigeon box 2-3 weeks ago with my friend, then today my friend got a text message that he is scheduled for an exam tomorrow. Unfortunately, I didn't receive such message. Anyone can answer why is this so? I'm kinda worried about it and a little bit saddened.
  8. by   abigaelniu
    to burbeestar: thanks for sharing your stories here..it is really a big help..i got a text message early mornin and have the examniation by tom...hoping to pass all the steps you get into...thanks!
  9. by   *EosinophiL*
    Hi arglen_rn! I also have the same dilemma as yours.. I submitted my application last September-October but until now i havent received any updates from them.. I've heard from a friend that they only accept applicants with board rating of 80% and above.. But this is not yet confirmed.. However, i am thinking that maybe the reason why they are not calling me is that my board rating is below their required grade.. May I ask if you and your friend meet the said board rating requirement??..

    I do still have high hopes that they will consider my application..

    Godbless on our application!
  10. by   cheesecurls
    hi guys. just want to ask, how many days in average will you receive a text after you submitted your application this month? hehe. i called dca yesterday, i submitted mine a few days ago, they said that i have to wait approx. 1 month because they are busy with the jci-accreditation
  11. by   invisible
    Good luck abby0411! Let us know what happens :spin:

    Eosinophil and Arglen_rn, I do hope that you' get called up too. God bless!
  12. by   kenjin
    Hello.. Guys.. Can you kindly give some extra tips of what kind of exams do SLMC give in the nurse exam part? Are there any computations? MS exam or positionings? Please help us those who are still waiting for text message for the initial exam... Please...

    Thank you and God bless...
  13. by   griffin_girl
    i think they are also particular in general weighted average and in class ranking, because i do have a friend who received a text from st.lukes around 3-4weeks after she pass her application, as far as i know her board rating is below 80 but i know her gwa high and i think she belong in the top 20 of our school, this is just my observation, i dont have any intentions to lower your hope guys, now she's in to step 2 in the screening, i really do hope she can make it there, because i think she deserved it also