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Basic First Aid Training

  1. 0 Good day, nurses! I am looking for a training institution which offers Basic First Aid Course. As much as possible, I prefer a 1-day training due to my hectic schedule. Any suggestions?
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    Red Cross offers standard first aid but it's for 3 days.
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    iNurse and CHEERS have a 1-day BLS AHA training.
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    Hello! I also would like to know if there is any training institutions that offers this course within metro manila. I already know that the Philippine Red Cross offers this course so I did inquire to them. They said if it is your first time to take this course in their institution, you should take it with their BLS training. The problem is, it is my first time to take it and I already took the BLS training in another institution(it is AHA accredited). I hope someone would give us another information.