Assisting an OB-GYNE in writing a ultrasound report

  1. Hi nurses. Can you please help me on how to read a ultrasound ? I really need it.
    Because in the primary hospital where im currently training I need to be at the side
    Of the doctor and take note of the measurements. The problem is she usually don't say
    The result. Yes i was able to read the numbers but I don't know where does the measurements
    Mean. Thank you.
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  3. by   Flamingwallflower
    I don't think it's within our scope of practice to read an ultrasound report let alone interpret the results. You can always ask the doctor about the result though.
  4. by   carolyn cortes
    @flamingwallflower thank you. I know that we aren't supposed to interpret or read the result.
    Im just assisting the doctor to write the result for her. She only says the numbers but
    Not the organ. For example uterus 5.5 x 4.4 i didn' t know that it is a measurement of
    The uterus. She is a kind of doctor that gets easily mad when her employees are slow
    So i just need to know what numbers go to which measurement.