any news/updates about Pacific Global Medical centre or Metro North Medical Centre

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    Hi everyone!
    I just want to ask if do you have any updates on those two latter hospitals. Because from what I researched Pacific Global Medical Centre had already started taking resumes (from what I've read it started last June), but when I called them the person who answered told me they don't have HR yet. What about Metro North Medical Centre? any updates will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    Hi! Who here's already done with the interview at Pacific Global Med? I'll be having mine on the 20th this month. Gimme hints? Haha.

    Regarding Metro North, the receptionist said that they've frozen the hiring process for nurses temporarily cuz of too many applicants. Ugh.
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    Same hir. 20th this month for interview.
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    Hi! I got in recently at PGMC. Their exam is relatively easy compare to The Medical City. Don't worry, I bet the interview is gonna be easy as well. They are hiring because they recently opened the 6th floor and I heard that they're opening the 7th floor as well. Good luck to you!
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    Hi @kaiyeolst what are the requirements needed for Pacific Global? Thanks!

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