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    hi. does anyone here have tried applying in afp medical center for rn residency this is a six months training. i just want to ask if they have physical requirement to those aspiring applicant? what if you are wearing eyeglasses can you still apply? because as what i've read on the other post they prefer those who are not wearing eyeglasses.
    thank you in advance to those who will reply.

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    Is AFp hospital still open?
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    Hi! I think that only applies to those applying to be nurse corps....
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    try this link there's a discussion about entering the AFP nurse corps.. but i think someone there will be able to answer your question about AFP medical center. i heard they have a 1,500 bed capacity if im not mistaken. post your question there,address it to Maj. Quintana, she's part of the Nurse Corps.
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    just go there on your white uniform with cap every mon or wens and take your exam 8-10 or 10-12...
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    Quote from elocin06
    what if you are wearing eyeglasses can you still apply? because as what i've read on the other post they prefer those who are not wearing eyeglasses.
    thank you in advance to those who will reply.

    it's not true that afp rn residency program does not accept applicants who are wearing eyeglasses. i have 2 friends who are on the program that wears them. also, the program is not the same as the nurse corps. from what i gather, this is a civilian rn residency program that does not guarantee employment at the end of the 6 months volunteer experience.

    for the nurse corps, i think applicants are advised to go to bulwagang valdez, camp aguinaldo.
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    I'll address some of your concerns about the AFP Medical Center 6 months RN Residency Training. There are 3 screening tests that you'll undergo. 1st is their Written Exam which is a Multiple Choice type. Here is the thing: The nurse corps now require that there should be someone working in the AFP Medical Center who will register and schedule your exam. If you had a high score in the Written Exam, the next thing you'll do is to have your Skills Validation (Return Demonstrations of Nursing Skills). If you were good in the 2nd screening test, you'll be scheduled for a Panel Interview with the Heads of Special Areas. They'll be asking you several nursing questions.

    As for the eyeglasses issue, since the RN Residency Training caters to civilians, the nurse corps allow those who have eyeglasses. They also don't have physical requirements. The only thing you should do is to be the best in the screening exams.

    I hope this helps. Good luck to those who want to be part of the AFP Mdical Center RN Residency Training Program.
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    thank you to all your replies. sorry if i have a wrong information about the institution. I will try to apply there next week. thank you.
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    Hi! to elocin06, maybe the one that is not accepting applicant who wear eyeglasses is Camp aguinaldo-nurse corps or military nurse. Because I applied there and they asked me if I'm wearing eyeglasses and yes I am wering eyeglasses. they are not accepting applicant who wear eyeglasses with grade of 200 and above. I think it isn't a big deal in AFP med center if you are wearing eyeglasses.
    BTW, goodluck to all of us who have taken or will take the written exams for AFP med center RN residency training program
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    Guys is it true that you will need a board rating average of 80% or above to qualify for their exams? I really want to try my luck in AFPMC but if this is really the case then kudos to my aspiration. Prompt reply will be highly appreciated. Oh and please post the hospital requirements and their contact number. Thanks!

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