Advise Please

  1. Hi everyone. I just need an advise regarding my situation now. I have a current work in Saudi Arabia under MOH. I am really planning to resign after my contract which will end on September this year. Apparently, my supervisor told me that one of my colleagues' job number was taken by a local nurse. So she is jobless now. Since I am going to resign and I pity her that she will loose her job , I gave her my job number. I still got my job anyway until my resignation.

    This vacation I passed the HAAD exam for Abu Dhabi. This is in preparation for my job hunting after I resign. I also got an opportunity from an agency to work in Dubai under Dubai Health Authority. Right now I am still waiting for an interview invitation. My problem is on the day of my flight going back to KSA is the same day for the interview. If I am going to extend my stay, my 90-day visa will expire on the following day. I really want to work in UAE but my contract in KSA. If I will go back to the Philippines, I have to shoulder my ticket and it is so costly...

    Anybody here with the same situation or have been through the same experience? pls. help!