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Yrs of experience required to get certified

  1. 0 Does anyone know the entry requirements for the emergency nursing certification in Canada? I was looking at the CNA's Web site but it doesn't say if one needs any number of years experience in the ER to be able to take the certification exam. Is there such a requirement like in the US?
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    The CNA website has forms available for download pertaining to certification. In general, the candidate requires a minimum of 3900 hours and an employer reference in order to apply for any of the specialty certifications, including ER. So you will need roughly 2-2.5 years of work experience before you are eligible to write the exam for your desired specialty.
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    If you have a BN or BSN you can apply for initial certification under option B in which case you only need 1950 hrs over the past 3 years.

    Please refer to Page 2 on the application form: http://www.nurseone.ca/docs/NurseOne...ide_2013_e.pdf