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    Hi there,

    I've been considering a move into Case Management for the CCAC and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the pros and cons of working in this capacity. I currently work as an RN on a medical unit, and am also wondering how much (and what type) of experience is preferred for candidates working in Case Management in the CCAC?

    Thanks very much in advance
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    Usually CCAC requests 1-2 years nursing experience. Previous experience in public health/ home health is an asset, but not required. Working on a medical unit, you would have acquired good skills, so think about examples and ways to highlight these in a resume.
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    Thanks for your reply Joanna. I figured at least a couple of years experience would be required, and experience in different settings (e.g. home health care) would be an advantage. If you have insight into the nature of work as a Case Manager I am interested in what you like and dislike about this type of work?
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    I have a friend that used to be a case manager for CCAC. She said it was a lot of paper work and lot of telephone work.
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    Its been a while since my original post, but I'm considering broadening my experience (currently working on a medical floor in a hospital). This experience is in preparation for work in the ccac as a care coordinator. I am torn between working as a visiting nurse in the community, working in a nursing home, or telehealth. Obviously working in the community as a visiting nurse would be beneficial but I wonder if the other two options might be useful as well. FYI I currently have 2 years experience on the medical unit.

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