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Undergraduate nurse in AB. Need advice!

  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    I'm currently working as an undergrad nurse in calgary at FMC (casual). I worked as a NA from August till November then moved up to an undergrad position. However, I've been quite sick this year (catching colds easily, fever, etc) and so I have had to call in sick quite a few times on the shifts that I had scheduled.

    Recently, my manager called to ask what was going on and why I haven't worked a lot of the shifts I had picked up. I explained that I was sick and that there was no other excuse and I apologized for the huge inconvenience this is to her. The manager pretty much said that she wants to make sure I keep all of my shifts that I had booked in April and that I will be looked at again mid-May.

    Does it sound like I'll be fired in mid-May? Have I potentially ruined this job as a reference for when I graduate in January'14?

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    No, it sounds like in mid-May she'll be drawing up the summer hours and she wants to be sure that you'll show up and work them.