Relocating as a Nurse (Niagara Region to Toronto - GTA)

  1. I'm currently employed as a Nurse in the Niagara region & there's been some talk circulating recently from nurses here, claiming it is difficult for nurses from the Niagara region to secure employment in the Toronto area due to the tarnished reputation the Niagara region has received.

    How much truth is there to this?

    Surely Toronto employers should know the issues here in the region don't stem from nurses themselves. This being the only hospital system out here, are we doing more harm than good to our resumes by working for this employer in the eyes of Toronto area hospitals?

    Can anyone chime in on this?
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  3. by   samnurseuoit
    I haven't heard any of this, and I would be surprised if there was any relevance to this statement. Niagara's healthcare situation is definitely more rooted in bureaucracy than nurses themselves. Nurses are the best!
  4. by   loriangel14
    I have never heard of any issues in the Niagara region.I am sure employers would not hold a nurse accountable even if there was an issue.